We’re passionate about the African bush and believe African safari experiences are the trip of a lifetime. Be it a weekend getaway or a two-week itinerary, we will put together the perfect safari experience for you.

We’ve personally visited every safari establishment listed on our site to ensure that every single one meets our expectations. We believe that your African safari should be an immersive experience. It’s about more than just the time in the wilds of Africa. You should be engrossed in the untamed African environment, surrounded by luxury at the lodges and given an experience tailor-made for you. Our extensive knowledge of the bush and industry expertise makes us ideally suited to tailor your trip.

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Tented Safari | Jack's Camp, Botswana

A simply vast landscape of pans and sky where distant palm trees shimmer in the heat haze. High salt concentrations on the pans themselves limit vegetation to grass cover. After the rains, the pans turn a lush green attracting thousands of antelope,…

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