Diving with Great White Sharks…

My husband and I experienced something incredible recently – he dived with Great White sharks while I watched the whole spectacle from the safety of the boat!

We joined Great White Shark expert Michael Rutzen, world famous for free diving with Great White Sharks, in Gansbaai for one of the highest rated Conservation/Education Experiences in the world.

Up close and personal with a Great White Shark

Get up close and personal with a Great White Shark

Seeing this awesome creature, which is also one of the oldest animals on the planet, in its natural environment is truly a unique, awe-inspiring and humbling experience. Most people – my husband and I included – arrived with fear and trepidation and left with admiration and a newfound respect for these majestic animals.

April to September are the best months for spotting Great Whites, particularly June and July, with a shark spotting success rate of between 80% and 95%. Feel the exposure of free diving while remaining safe inside the cage – staring at Great Whites eyeball-to-eyeball like my husband did – or like me, participate from the boat and see the Great White Shark in all its magnificence.

Trips are weather dependent, last approximately 4 hours and your launch time will be confirmed well in advance of your trip. Meet for breakfast at the crew house – a picnic lunch and soft drinks are packed on board Barracuda. I have to admit though that unless you are among the fortunate few who don’t become sea sick, you probably wont have much of an appetite anyway. (Tip: take some nausea pills with!). Towels and diving equipment are provided and there are hot shower facilities at the crew house (not on the boat though).

Mike is one of the world’s most knowledgeable Great White experts, so you’ll be in safe hands… well, as ‘safe’ as diving with Great Whites can be! He also has a genuine interest in shark preservation and unlike most of the other shark diving companies that we’ve tried and tested at Klein Collection (yes, Francois and Stephanus have also dived with Great Whites, but with another company), Mike and his crew really know what they’re talking about. He has produced several documentaries on free diving with Great White Sharks for National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, BBC, CNN, CBS, French TV and Italian TV.

See the video further below for more details about these incredible creatures which most of us unfortunately only associate with the film “Jaws”.

Great White Shark Diving SpecialCOSTS

  • Shark Cage Diving / Viewing Cost: R1 350 (per person)
  • SPECIAL RATER1 200 (per person), i.e. R200 saving. 
  • Transport (optional): R350 (per person)


  • Breakfast (before trip) and picnic lunch (during trip)
  • Softdrinks, water (during trip) and lunch (after trip)
  • All diving equipment and dry towels

Optional extras:

  • Day trip DVD & documentary: R380

Ready to book?

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