Views Boutique Hotel and Spa

Stephanus talks about his trip to Views Boutique Hotel & Spa in Wilderness…

Klein Collection: How far is Views Boutique Hotel & Spa from Cape Town?
Stephanus: 450km, or about 5.5 hours’ drive.

Klein Collection: What made you decide to stay at Views Boutique Hotel & Spa?
Stephanus: We wanted to sleep somewhere with great sea views.

Klein Collection: What was your first impression of Views Boutique Hotel & Spa on arrival?
Stephanus: We arrived very late in the evening, so we immediately tucked the kids into bed, then ordered room service and watched a movie from the comfort of our bed. Needless to say, we were ‘wowed’ by the stunning ocean views when we woke up the next morning.

Klein Collection: What was the service like?
Stephanus: They only have 18 suites, so the staff are really friendly and take a lot of pride in their establishment.

Klein Collection: Is it child friendly?
Stephanus: Yes, they definitely cater for the whole family. The baby-cot was set up in our bedroom when we arrived and they had a baby-chair ready for us at breakfast. The hotel also has its own games room with a pool table – a great time killer with kids!

Klein Collection: What activities are offered at Views Boutique Hotel & Spa?
Stephanus: The hotel isn’t really an ‘activity’ type of hotel, although it does have a games room on-site and plenty of activities in close proximity (surfing at the beach, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, etc.). The hotel is best suited for individuals who wish to take in the breathtaking ocean views whilst relaxing in their spacious suites. It has also got a lovely cocktail deck which is ideal for intimate weddings or functions, particularly in the warmer summer months. The hotel also features a spa and gym, private pool deck, Sea View Lounge, Library Lounge and a Cocktail Deck overlooking the beach.

Klein Collection: What was the food like?
Stephanus: For dinner, my wife and I ordered room service and enjoyed a delicious seafood pizza and vanilla milkshake. The next morning, we had a scrumptious continental and full English breakfast with some of the best croissants ever!

Klein Collection: What was the highlight of your stay at Views Boutique Hotel & Spa?
Stephanus: The hotel is perched on a huge sand dune with views overlooking the Indian Ocean. Also, the suites are extremely spacious, clean and comfortable.

Klein Collection: What should potential visitors take note of?
Stephanus: Most of the suites have direct ocean views – you literally feel like you’re sleeping in a very luxurious and spacious cruise liner. However, a few of the suites have partially obstructed side ocean views. If you want to know which ones are really nice, contact us for insider tips.

Klein Collection: Who is Views Boutique Hotel & Spa ideal for?
Stephanus: Someone who just wants to take in the captivating beauty of the ocean, enjoy good food and be pampered, whilst still having the option of doing the occasional activity without driving too far. You’ll probably want to stay there at least 2 nights though, if not longer.

Should Views Boutique Hotel and Spa sound like music to your ears, contact Klein Collection at to book your stay.

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