Holden Manz Wine Estate

Francois talks about their trip to Holden Manz

Holden Manz wine estate is located above the Franschhoek valley overlooked by magnificent mountains which stand guard over the beautiful valley below. Situated between the Franschhoek and Stony Brook rivers, this 22 hectares wine estate, with its fertile and dark loam soils, produces superb wines in a state-of-the-art cellar.

Klein Collection: How far is  HOLDEN MANZ from Cape Town?

Francois: About 60 km, located on a working wine farm in the scenic Franschhoek valley.

Klein Collection: What made you decide to stay at  HOLDEN MANZ?

Francois: I read about Holden Manz in a local newspaper and wanted to experience this new product.

Klein Collection: What was your first impression of  HOLDEN MANZ on arrival?

Francois: Beautiful surroundings, private country house and warm welcoming staff awaiting our arrival.

Klein Collection: What was the service like?

Francois: The service is very personalised and between Collette and Lamec on duty a ‘butler service’ comes to mind. Nothing was an issue for them.

Klein Collection: Is it child friendly?

Francois: Yes, the owners of Holden Manz have a child themselves and the homestead itself is child friendly.

Klein Collection: What activities are offered at  HOLDEN MANZ?

Francois: Other than relaxing at the villa, there also is a wine cellar open for wine tastings, a top-end restaurant with a leading South African chef (Cheyne Morrisby), open spaces and fresh air to enjoy.

Klein Collection: What was the food like?

Klein Collection: The afternoon tea after our check-in was a special touch. Breakfast was faultless and Lamec really can make any breakfast order. The restaurant’s food was impeccable and we had a private dinner in front of the large fireplace. (I can highly recommend the fillet!)

Klein Collection: What was the highlight of your stay at  HOLDEN MANZ?

Francois: Warm hospitality from our hosts (Collette and Lamec) and extraordinary art pieces throughout the country house. The food was also very good.

Klein Collection: What should potential visitors take note of?

Francois: You will be looked after – very personalised service.

Klein Collection: Who is  HOLDEN MANZ ideal for?

Francois: Discerning travellers enjoying personalised services. Holden Manz is also perfect for weddings.

Point out of 5
Service  5
Location  5
Food  5
Facilities  4
Décor  5
Attention to detail  4
Value for money  4

Should  HOLDEN MANZ sound like music to your ears, contact Klein Collection at info@kleincollection.com to book your stay.

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