L’Ermitage Luxury Hotel in Franschhoek, South Africa

Francois talks about his experience at L’Ermitage.

Franschhoek beckons to all those wishing to escape the city and bask in the sheer pleasures of mountain, Fynbos, wine tasting and tourist attractions. L’Ermitage offers 4 star hotel accommodation in the luxurious form of Chateaus and Villas that provide peace and style to compliment the surrounding beauty. Situated on the Fransche Hoek Wine Estate, L’Ermitage hotel accommodation allows you to experience the best of the Franschhoek country lifestyle. Fynbos and mountains provide the perfect backdrop whilst quaint cobbled streets offer the extra French touch.

Klein Collection: How far is L’ERMITAGE from Cape Town?

Francois: L’ ermitage is located in the Franschhoek valley about 60 km from the Cape Town city centre.

Klein Collection: What made you decide to stay at L’ERMITAGE?

Francois: It was my birthday and we decided to escape to a luxury hideaway for an evening – leaving the kids with my parents.

Klein Collection: What was your first impression of L’ERMITAGE on arrival?

Francois: Beautiful French inspired boutique hotel on a security estate in the Franschhoek mountains.

Klein Collection: What was the service like?

Francois: The service was very personal and they made sure that we had a memorable experience. They arranged a private dinner for us on the balcony outside our suite – and also figured out that it was my birthday (based on my ID number I gave them at check in) and surprised me with a birthday cupcake during breakfast. Just an example of how they go the extra mile.

Klein Collection: Is it child friendly?

Francois: Yes, they definitely cater for families – especially with the villas with fully equipped kitchen and appliances.

Klein Collection: What activities are offered at L’ERMITAGE?

Francois: Nature walks, wine tours, dinners, weddings, conferencing – all within close proximity of the Franschhoek town.

Klein Collection: What was the food like?

Francois: I thought their food was very good – I can definitely recommend the fillet!

Klein Collection: What was the highlight of your stay at L’ERMITAGE?

Francois: Spending time with Carien at this special boutique with beautiful setting, views and facilities. We were in the honeymoon suite – really very spacious and luxurious.

Klein Collection: What should potential visitors take note of?

Francois: Bring your running gear – you will want to go for a walk/ run with the beautiful surrounds and setting.

Klein Collection: Who is L’ ERMITAGE ideal for?

Francois: L’ermitage caters for all types of guests – but I think it is especially suited for guests preferring to be out of the hustle and bustle of Franschhoek town.

Point out of 5
Service  5
Location  5
Food  4
Facilities  4
Décor  4
Attention to detail  4
Value for money  5

Should L’ ERMITAGE sound like music to your ears, contact Klein Collection at info@kleincollection.com to book your stay.

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