La Clè des Montagnes

Sophisticated style and breathtaking beauty is the essence of La Clé des Montagnes.

La Clé des Montagnes offers an idyllic accommodation setting a short stroll from the historic village of Franschhoek. A selection of four unique villas await you on a working wine estate, surrounded by picturesque vineyards, plum orchards with a magnificent mountain backdrop.We invite you to enjoy an unparalleled luxurious accommodation experience in the heart of the beautiful Franschhoek valley.

Francois talks about their trip to LA CLE’ DES MONTAGNES

KC:  How far is LA CLE’ DES MONTAGNES from Cape Town?

La Cle des Montagnes

Francois:  LA CLE’ DES MONTAGNES is conveniently located in the centre of Franschhoek about 60 kilometers from Cape Town.

KC:  What made you decide to stay at LA CLE’ DES MONTAGNES?

Francois:  With the launch of LISA (Luxury in Southern Africa) I had the opportunity to read about this exclusive getaway and the images and reviews made it a bucket-list item for me.

KC:  What was your first impression of LA CLE’ DES MONTAGNES on arrival?

Francois:  This place is suited for royalty!

KC:  What was the service like?

Francois:  Not only are the staff efficient and friendly, they also understand personal space and the need for privacy – always a difficult balance and they have perfected it. The personal butler service dedicated to a villa is also a unique touch.

La Cle des Montagnes

KC:  Is it child friendly?

Francois:  Yes. LA CLE’ DES MONTAGNES offers 4 separate standing villas with ample space for children to run around without disturbing the other guests.

We stayed in the original manor house which has two massive bedrooms, own library, two additional lounges, dining room, kitchen, scullery and more…. Privacy, space and open areas – just what our children love.

The private swimming pool, exclusive garden and grass area made this a wonderland for our two boys. Other than a quick walk to a nearby restaurant, we literally did not leave La Cle’ from the minute we arrived.

La Cle des Montagnes

KC:  What activities are offered at LA CLE’ DES MONTAGNES?

Francois:  LA CLE’ DES MONTAGNES is centrally located and is within short walking distance from Franschhoek’s main road and guests have access to the diverse offering of this special town. Stroll in the La Cle vineyards, swim in the private pool, cycle or just read a book in your private library or the villa’s hammock – there is enough to do for every age and interest.

KC:  What was the food like?

Francois:  The wine selection offered in the villas is fantastic and the inclusive breakfast, prepared in our villa, raised the bar yet again. LA CLE’ offers its own Cap Classique available to guests only. One can request a private chef – or cater for yourself … the choice is yours.

La Cle des Montagnes

KC:  What was the highlight of your stay at LA CLE’ DES MONTAGNES?

Francois:  I loved the exclusivity, quality, privacy, spacious manicured gardens and inspirational interior.

KC:  For whom is LA CLE’ DES MONTAGNES ideal (i.e. The type of client to whom you would sell this product)?

Francois:  Kings, Queens and other individuals wanting to be treated like royalty.

I would like to say a special thank you to Chantel for going out of her way to make us feel very welcome and right at home. It’s always a pleasure to meet someone who is so warm and friendly, whom you can see takes pride in the product he or she has to offer.

Also, thank you to our personal butlers, Siyanda and Labani for being so friendly and efficient at all times.

The staff at La Cle des Montagnes, definitely play a role in making the experience a memorable one.

Point out of 5
Service  5
Location  5
Food  5
Facilities  5
Décor  5
Attention to detail  5
Value for money  5

Should LA CLE’ DES MONTAGNES sound like music to your ears, contact Klein Collection at to book your stay.

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