Francois & Shané

We have been dreaming about traveling together since our student days at Stellenbosch. Coffee and study break talks consisted of make-believe fairy tale stories of stumbling upon small hideaways and luxury destinations; of snuggling into a comforting duvet after exploring what wild nature – the original entertainer – has to offer. Resting at dreamy small town guest houses and feasting on the treat of a romantic escape – these adventures were constantly on our minds. Yes, we have always dreamt of making the world our oyster, far away and close to home. Adventure is written on our hearts and we have a passion for new faces, places and experiences.

Shané & Francois

Shané & Francois

Expressing our impressions of the world around us is another shared passion. Klein Collection has given us the opportunity to combine our two passions by contributing to their Travel Blog.

So what is the result for you, the reader? An unbiased, honest review of every establishment we visit. Although we are both travel fanatics, we are very unique individuals – each with our personal preferences and pet peeves. We feel differently about what encapsulates quality, makes us feel at home and gives an establishment that so-called ‘X-factor’. Each review will provide a 360° overview of our experience, enabling you to enjoy it right alongside us!

The most important factor is service. If you can make feel me right at home, give me a warm, “human” feel and make me want to book an extra night at the end of my stay in your establishment, you have won half of my approval. As I am an outdoor adventurer (self acclaimed) and nature lover, I prefer places that offer natural beauty in terms of their surroundings. I like quiet, peaceful rooms that allow me to rest at the end of a long day and food that can re-energise me for the ventures of the next. Other features that are important include value for money, attention to detail and small, pleasant surprises I didn’t expect.

At heart, I am the type of girl who adores the comfort of her own home. Embarking on our nomadic adventures therefore requires the confidence that I will sleep softly, be able to enjoy a hot shower and have the benefit of lavish privacy. Although these requirements might seem obvious, I will not be able to commend a destination without these indispensable necessities! Other laudable aspects include thoughtful touches – like freshly changed towels daily, a hairdryer (including the correct plugs) and fresh flowers to welcome me into relaxation.

Our excitement about this new opportunity can hardly be contained. We are truly thrilled about exploring new destinations, cultures and awe-inspiring sights – all to be jotted down with meticulous detail to ensure that you can make an informed decision about your next travel destination.

Francois is currently crafting a career as business developer in the distribution channel of a well know asset management company. Shané teaches English to high school students and has ambitions to further her studies in journalism. They live in Cape Town and have been happily married since April 2011.

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