Francois talks about their trip to SPIER

Spier is one of South Africa’s oldest wine farms dating back to 1692, this farm is rich in history and remains a special place to anyone who visits. Located about 40km from Cape Town, you’ll find this historic farm on the outskirts of Stellenbosch.

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Klein Collection (‘K.C’): What made you decide to stay at SPIER?

Francois: SPIER is ideal for us as we have kids (two boys aged 6 and 8). The large natural open spaces, great facilities and scenic surroundings.

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Klein Collection (‘K.C’): What was your first impression of SPIER on arrival?

Francois: It’s actually very close to Cape Town! SPIER is located in the wine capital of South Africa and has a farm feel to it. On arrival we were greeted with warm friendly smiles from the staff which is always the best way to start a stay.

Klein Collection (‘K.C’): What was the service like?

Francois: The staff at SPIER were very friendly and attentive to all our needs. They are particularly good with children (e.g. entertaining the kids while the parents take a deserving break).

Klein Collection (‘K.C’): Is it child friendly?

Francois: Yes, SPIER accommodates families with children of all ages, with a variety of activities and facilities to keep kids occupied. The food for the children was also good and I loved the fact that there was a grape juice tasting on offer when we as adults did the wine tasting. On the morning of our check out from the SPIER hotel, our youngest son immediately asked: “When can be come here again?”2015-06-20 15.01.49 2015-06-20 11.58.15-1
Klein Collection (‘K.C’): 
What activities are offered at SPIER?

Francois: Activities offered onsite at Spier are as follows:

  • Segway tours: Take a tour of the vineyard on your very own Segway PT – a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle.
  • Wine tasting and chocolate pairing (highly recommended)
  • Eagle encounter (very educational and was great for our kids)
  • Local art being on display throughout SPIER (insprirational)
  • A spa (beauty treatments and massages)
  • Food (wonderful selection of restaurants, deli and picnic baskets)


Klein Collection (‘K.C’): What was the food like?

Francois: Food quality at SPIER is top class and they make a conscious effort to cater for the children’s tastes as well. EIGHT Restaurant prides itself in the fact that most of the ingredients in the meals served, are locally produced on the SPIER farm.

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Klein Collection (‘K.C’): What was the highlight of your stay at SPIER?

Francois: The overall openness and spaces to walk and cycle, value for money and how our children enjoyed every bit of our stay.2015-06-19 16.42.37

Klein Collection (‘K.C’): What should potential visitors take note of

Francois: Be ready to want to make SPIER a regular place to visit (at least once a year for 2 nights).

Klein Collection (‘K.C’): Who is SPIER ideal for (i.e. The type of client you would sell this product to)?

Francois: Anyone really – but SPIER is great for small or large groups and people with kids.


Point out of 5
Service  5
Location  5
Food  5
Facilities  5
Décor  5
Attention to detail  5
Value for money  5


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Cellars-Hohenort Hotel

Francois talks about his family’s recent trip to CELLARS-HOHENORT.

The owner-managed Cellars-Hohenort, with its panoramic mountain and garden views, is a must for those looking to add a health dose of peace and tranquility to their lives. The Cellars-Hohenort rests on the breathtaking slopes of Table Mountain. Located in Constantia, Cape Town, it shares its home with some of South Africa’s most historically significant wine estates.

Klein Collection: How far is CELLARS HOHENORT from Cape Town?

Francois: About 25 km from Cape Town city centre, located in the Constantia Valley.

Klein Collection: What made you decide to stay at CELLARS HOHENORT?

Francois: I had a meeting in the area and impulsively decided that Carien should join me for an evening at this well respected establishment (after dropping the kids at their grandparents … of course).

Klein Collection: What was your first impression of CELLARS HOHENORT on arrival?

Francois: Proper old world charm and extremely friendly staff.

Klein Collection: What was the service like?

Francois: Warm, friendly and efficient. Liz McGrath standards.

Klein Collection: Is it child friendly?

Francois: Yes, but only partially. Children must be 8 years old or older. However, if you’re looking for a family holiday, we have other establishments that are probably better suited for this.

Klein Collection: What activities are offered at CELLARS HOHENORT?

Francois: Culinary experiences at the Green House or at the Conservatory restaurant, the Fresh Wellness Spa and the unique traditional Cape Malay high tea.

Klein Collection: What was the food like?

Francois: We did not have dinner at the Green House, but I have heard that it is really worth every cent. Our breakfast and dinner at the hotel’s restaurant was really very good – especially the omelette!

Klein Collection: What was the highlight of your stay at CELLARS HOHENORT?

Francois: Warm friendly service, beautiful lounge area and fireplace and large scenic grounds.

Klein Collection: What should potential visitors take note of?

Francois: Make sure you have the directions – it can be tricky to find the hotel if you do not know where you are going.

Klein Collection: Who is CELLARS HOHENORT ideal for?

Francois: Discerning guests appreciating old world architecture with modern luxury combined.

Point out of 5  
Service  5
Location  5
Food  5
Facilities  5
Décor  5
Bedrooms  3
Attention to detail  5
Value for money  4

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Holden Manz Wine Estate

Francois talks about their trip to Holden Manz

Holden Manz wine estate is located above the Franschhoek valley overlooked by magnificent mountains which stand guard over the beautiful valley below. Situated between the Franschhoek and Stony Brook rivers, this 22 hectares wine estate, with its fertile and dark loam soils, produces superb wines in a state-of-the-art cellar.

Klein Collection: How far is  HOLDEN MANZ from Cape Town?

Francois: About 60 km, located on a working wine farm in the scenic Franschhoek valley.

Klein Collection: What made you decide to stay at  HOLDEN MANZ?

Francois: I read about Holden Manz in a local newspaper and wanted to experience this new product.

Klein Collection: What was your first impression of  HOLDEN MANZ on arrival?

Francois: Beautiful surroundings, private country house and warm welcoming staff awaiting our arrival.

Klein Collection: What was the service like?

Francois: The service is very personalised and between Collette and Lamec on duty a ‘butler service’ comes to mind. Nothing was an issue for them.

Klein Collection: Is it child friendly?

Francois: Yes, the owners of Holden Manz have a child themselves and the homestead itself is child friendly.

Klein Collection: What activities are offered at  HOLDEN MANZ?

Francois: Other than relaxing at the villa, there also is a wine cellar open for wine tastings, a top-end restaurant with a leading South African chef (Cheyne Morrisby), open spaces and fresh air to enjoy.

Klein Collection: What was the food like?

Klein Collection: The afternoon tea after our check-in was a special touch. Breakfast was faultless and Lamec really can make any breakfast order. The restaurant’s food was impeccable and we had a private dinner in front of the large fireplace. (I can highly recommend the fillet!)

Klein Collection: What was the highlight of your stay at  HOLDEN MANZ?

Francois: Warm hospitality from our hosts (Collette and Lamec) and extraordinary art pieces throughout the country house. The food was also very good.

Klein Collection: What should potential visitors take note of?

Francois: You will be looked after – very personalised service.

Klein Collection: Who is  HOLDEN MANZ ideal for?

Francois: Discerning travellers enjoying personalised services. Holden Manz is also perfect for weddings.

Point out of 5
Service  5
Location  5
Food  5
Facilities  4
Décor  5
Attention to detail  4
Value for money  4

Should  HOLDEN MANZ sound like music to your ears, contact Klein Collection at to book your stay.

A royal reception at La Residence in Franschhoek

Entrance at La Residence, Franschhoek

Entrance at La Residence, Franschhoek

There is a name that the famous, the fortunate and the accomplished whisper only to those that they recognise as kindred souls. A country estate among rolling vineyards and plum orchards in the Cape Winelands that understands why the everyday and purely functional is not good enough. A place run by people who know that style is a creative expression of the subtle art of living. La Residence is that name. And it is here that guests who never drop their standards check in to relax.

Not that the staff, who treats every visitor like an heir returning to the family’s country estate, would ever make you do anything as crude as sign in on arrival. Instead, a whole welcoming party of the top members of the hospitality team meets you at your vehicle with gifts and a reviving drink, while they magically make your luggage, mode of transport and any doubts that you are not related to the owners of this château disappear.

Lizelle enjoying breakfast at La Residence

Lizelle enjoying breakfast at La Residence

We arrive two hours earlier than arranged, but general manager, Edward Morton, is unfazed. For many years he kept his perfectionist hand on the award-winning Royal Malewane Safari Lodge, favoured by celebrities like Elton John. He gallantly sweeps us off to lunch in the triple volume dining area, one of many treasure chests of Liz Biden. Liz, the owner and former resident of La Residence, is an adventurous collector of art and furniture pieces from around the world. Slightly smokey antique mirrors, jazzy black and white marble tiles and plush red chairs suggest that this venue could turn into pure theatre for those who love to entertain and be entertained.


Lizelle at the La Residence horizon pool overlooking olive groves

Lizelle at the La Residence horizon pool overlooking olive groves

The hotel is nestled on 30 acres of a Franschhoek working farm, providing much of the ingredients of our memorable butternut soup and a cascade of crunchy fresh produce that probably still remembers the hand that decided today is the day they will meet the salad maker. Between main course and dessert, we are treated to a tasting of a Shiraz and a Cabernet Sauvignon made from the estate’s own grapes. Plum liqueur and homegrown olives are more ways that La Residence seeks to create a bond between visitors and the fertile soil surrounding them.

Frangipani Suite bathroom at La Residence

Frangipani Suite bathroom at La Residence

La Residence takes great pride in their ability to match a room to a guest’s personality. Our oriental-inspired Frangipani Room immediately feels like home and we scheme and plan how we could stay on indefinitely in this honeymoon suite. North-facing with wonderful views over the vineyards, it is sunny all day and the most private of the 11 suites. The bedroom and lounge area is so spacious, it feels like even the furniture pieces are stepping aside with a subtle curtsy. The bathroom is a little Versailles in its own right with floor-to-ceiling shutters also with views on the vineyards, an abundance of Charlotte Rhys products and enough cupboard space to move in and live here for months.

The Villas at La Residence in Franschhoek

The Villas at La Residence in Franschhoek

To cater for families, La Residence has built a few spacious free-standing villas located slightly away from the main hotel, each with their own swimming pool and private garden with fruit-bearing peach and lemon trees. The vibe here is relaxed and the use of colours lavish, creating a truly happy family space. The little princes and princesses even have their own toiletry sets aimed at little bambinos. Visitors with a passion for cooking might have difficulty staying out of the seductively styled kitchen where villa guests have a free reign. Or, if they prefer, the resident chef will conjure their meals here.

Lounge area overlooking the dam at La Residence

Lounge area overlooking the dam at La Residence

For those who treasure their solitude and privacy, but don’t want to be confined to the perimeters of their own suites, there are several slightly more secluded communal areas to recline in, admire the views, catch up on some reading in the library, picnic on the lawn, catch some sun next to the horizon pool, or stroll through the orchards.

That evening we dine at Reuben’s in Franschhoek village and the hotel immediately arranges complimentary transport to and from the restaurant. We are free to just relax and savour the good wines that this region produces. The next morning there appears to be no cut-off time for breakfast and the check-out time is whenever we are able to reluctantly release our room to the next fortunate visitor.

Lizelle and Jack at La Residence

Lizelle and Jack at La Residence

La Residence is an outrageously classy and comfortable boutique hotel that really celebrates the pleasure of being able to afford the best the world has to offer. What makes us want to return again and again, though, is the people of La Residence. They have perfected the art of attentiveness without intrusion, warmth without too much familiarity. They are the top of the hospitality crop.

– Independent review by Klein Companion, Lizelle Steyn

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Affordable luxury accommodation in the heart of Stellenbosch

I recently spent a night at De Hoek Manor in Stellenbosch. From the moment I stepped into the Manor, I felt right at home. Each detail – from the fresh flowers, the sherry and chocolate before bedtime to the electric blanket – made my stay one that I won’t easily forget.

The luxury and comfort that my king-size bed offered me made it difficult to emerge from my room the next morning! However, the church bells that chimed from the historic Moederkerk, situated directly across the road, were too beautiful to ignore!

My day began with a scrumptious breakfast in De Hoek Manor’s dining room, and I was served by a very friendly waiter named Elton. I highly recommend this bed and breakfast whether you are a tourist, business person or a local.

De Hoek Manor is in a prime location for exploring Stellenbosch, with restaurants, stores, cafés and historic monuments only steps away. Thank you De Hoek Manor for a true Stellenbosch experience!

– Independent review by Kiara Havenga

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