Professional Wedding Services

Wedding specialist, Michelle Littlejohns

Your wedding specialist, Michelle Littlejohns

Klein Collection believes that your wedding day should be out of this world. Not surprisingly, the moment that we met Michelle we immediately knew that she would be the perfect person to help extend and deepen Klein Collection’s wedding offering. With her warm personality, strong Christian ethos, vast wedding coordination experience, incredible attention to detail and intimate knowledge of all things beautiful, we really can’t think of a better person to help you with your wedding day. Coupled with Klein Collection’s stunning accommodation establishments, venues and travel services, brides now have unparalleled access to a professional and highly affordable wedding service that ticks all the right boxes.

Considering going solo? Think again.

In this age of technology, brides have endless access to all kinds of wedding information. This is a wonderful resource, but before long a bride is left feeling confused and overwhelmed with information overload. There is access to every type of venue available, when all a bride is looking for is her ‘perfect’ one. Websites offer gorgeous pictures that make any bride feel that this is the ideal venue for her, until the day she arrives and finds out that it looks very different from the advertised site.

In addition to that, brides still have to find the time in their already busy schedules to mail all the venues and service providers, sift through hundreds of different information packages and date availabilities, resulting in added pressure and uncertainty to make the right choice! If this is how you feel, leave the worries to a Venue and Provider Specialist.

What is a Wedding Venue and Provider Specialist?

A Wedding Venue and Provider Specialist takes responsibility in knowing all the details relevant to the venues and providers available; will source and identify options that best suit the couple’s needs, requirements and budget; with the additional benefit of having the opportunity to request further co-ordination assistance in any area of planning specified by the couple.

Benefits of using a Wedding Venue and Provider Specialist

  • The best venue for you will become a reality!
  • We save you precious time and energy contacting countless venues and providers who may be unsuitable candidates
  • We will deliver a shortlist of quality venues and providers who best match your exact requirements and budget needs
  • We negotiate the most favourable rates on your behalf – we ensure you competitive quotes
  • Offer further planning assistance
  • Oversee all essential meetings
  • Supervise on the day set-up if required

Wedding TableService Providers can be sourced for:

  • Florists and Décor Agents
  • Photographers
  • Stationery Agents
  • Cake Makers
  • Minister / Marriage Officers
  • Hair and Make-up Stylists
  • Videographers
  • DJs
  • Caterers
  • Hiring
  • Guest Favors
  • And so much more…

To start your exciting wedding day journey with Michelle, our friendly Wedding Venue and Provider Specialist, please complete the short form below or contact us on (South Africa) +27 (0) 21 813 6961. We look forward to making your wedding day extra special and unique!

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